Introducing the WashStat

Your car wash, mobile.

Automatic Fault detection

Get alerts via email or SMS when your machine has a fault condition

Monitor your checmical levels

Real Time and historical checmical tracking and usage information

iOS app

Monitor your car wash while on the go.


Quickly see your car counts over time as well as checmical use


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Your source for real time status and analytics on the go.

Mobile, just like you.

Access your car wash while on the go with our iOS app. Quickly see your current car counts, chemical levels and machine status with our user friendly dashboard.

Reduce your downtime with our fault notifications

Email or text message notifcations

Notify up to three users of fault conditions at your car wash via email or text message. Know on your busiest days that your machine is up and running properly. Manage who recieves alerts quickly and easily through our mobile app.

Installation is easy

Most installs take less than 90 minutes

All the WashStat needs is an ethernet connection and a power outlet. No static IP or networking required.